This coming Saturday is the yearly event Naisten Kymppi. It’s a women’s exercise event in Helsinki where you run, jog, or walk 10 kilometers. It usually takes place in May. I signed up for it in January 2020. Of course, the event got moved forward because of COVID, to August 2020. Then again to May 2021. And again to this weekend which is when that event is taking place. I’ve been training for this event for a long time. And now I’m too scared of COVID to actually participate.

The last time this event was organized, there were 20 000 participants. It draws in people from all over the country and while the organizers claim they’ll be able to make it happen in a way that is safe, the numbers in Finland are high enough that I’m worried this will become a super spreader event. And even though I’m vaccinated, I really don’t want to participate in something like that. I would LOVE to be proven wrong, I’m just not willing to risk it.

But I also don’t want all that training to go to waste. So what I’m doing instead is a shadow run of the route the day before. I’ve done a couple of 10K routes in the run-up to this event and to be honest, my time is nothing to write home about. I’m hoping to improve that this time around, to something like a respectable time. That remains to be seen. But I have made enough progress, that I’m already preparing for the next event next spring with an eye to moving up a class. But we will see! I need to train a lot more to get there.