Last week, I didn’t know what it would be like to go back to the office. Friends, it was rough. Clearly, my vacation was excellent, since I couldn’t remember ANY of my passwords. I spent a huge chunk of Monday just trying to get back into my various accounts, most importantly my work phone. It was not pretty. We are not going to the office for the foreseeable future. Probably not until the vaccination rate in Finland goes up significantly. And in the meanwhile, my sister and I decided to book a trip to Barcelona. 

For a good chunk of my life I’ve thought of myself as a homebody. I’m definitely introverted and even though most people don’t believe this, I’m also really shy. But I recognized long ago that giving in to those impulses was not giving me the life that I wanted. So I try to counteract those instincts whenever I recognize them through conscious effort. It’s exhausting but it’s also really rewarding. 

Over the last 18 months I’ve retreated very far into myself. It’s not really all that surprising. More than ever, the outside seemed dangerous. For good reason, don’t get me wrong. Because I belong to a risk group, the pandemic is nothing to mess around with. And so many of my fellow citizens just would not take it seriously, because they thought it did not concern them personally. And given the vaccination numbers in Finland as well as most of the world, still do. 

So I’m making plans to travel. Because I’m finding it harder and harder to go out in public, despite good news on the pandemic front. I’m going to be paranoid, wiping down every surface, wearing a mask everywhere I go. 

But I’m also excited. I’m brushing up my terrible Spanish, even maybe learning a few more words while I’m at it. I’m planning an entirely new wardrobe to go with the weather in Barcelona in November. And I’m marking places to visit on Google Maps. I’m pretty sure I’ve marked out enough places to last a fortnight. So yeah, it’s safe to say I am excited by the mere thought of this trip. Now I just need to find the time to make all my plans come true before then. Including finishing these novel edits. Speaking of which… I’ll see you next Monday. 😉