Autumn is definitely here in Helsinki and I am here for it! It’s been foggy for a couple of days now and we’re at the point of the year when the sun goes down around 8 PM and the nights are getting really dark. There’s this wonderful horror movie thrill of seeing darkness surrounding a bright beam of street light.

Some of you reading this may be heretics, or even, horror of horrors, apostates about autumn. There are far too many people who think that fall is a terrible time of year and I am here to tell you different.

Fall has all kinds of colours! Reds, greens, oranges, yellows, even purples! Also some amazing grays! (And yes, I am sorry to say that pun was intentional.) Yes, it does get wet outside, but after, it’s so much better to come inside, change your clothes for dry ones and then settle on the couch with tea or hot chocolate. There are things that are more beautiful than the pitter patter of raindrops of either your waterproof hood or the windowsill. But I can’t come up with any right now.

While I’m not personally a huge fan of pumpkin spice (it’s okay, just not the most amazing thing ever), ’tis the season for it! It’s also the season for a nice dram of whiskey, warm bread in the morning, and sourdough popovers.

Honestly, I’m just really fond of seasons changing and right now I am really looking forward to catching a whole slew of horror movies on the couch with my beau as well as a whole virtual stack of horror novels.

So, dear reader, what is your favorite season and why is it fall?