Today is Finnish Independence Day! The country is officially 104 years old today and it’s looking pretty good for its age. The two of us are mostly celebrating by having a normal day off; we watched a movie with breakfast, then started doing other stuff. In my case, mainly writing work and sewing. Later today (by the time you read this, this will have already happened) we’ll have a dinner of something.

Basically, because of the Plague, everything has been canceled.

Usually, about 6 PM, most of Finland will group around their TVs to watch the President’s reception. At least in Helsinki, protesting a whole bunch of things is also popular. The far-right gather to protest the fact that other people exist, the far-left gather to protest the fact that there’s a massive tax-payer-funded party at the President’s palace. And then there are groups protesting the fact that the previous two are so prominent.

But pretty much all of it is canceled because of the plague.

So we’re having a quiet night. It’s a beautiful, cold day. The Christmas lights are up all over the apartment and these are all good things. And tomorrow, it’s all back to normal.

With all the things canceled by the plague.