It’s safe to say that last year was not stellar for me. For a lot of people. When I started planning for this year, I expected more of the same. But somehow, despite myself, I started getting excited. I haven’t felt that way about planning in years. And that’s wonderful! I was so excited that I became a WHOO-girl last Friday.

So what about that plan?

So my plan for next year is a little bit of everything. I have a number of things that I really want to make in terms of clothing. I have goals to get my writing further. I have some goals for fitness. And lastly, I have some day-job professional goals.

Sewing goals

I’m planning to build two different capsule wardrobes this year; one for comfort and one for the rest of the world, including going back to the office. Each of these has seven things that I’m planning to sew. There’s a pajama set and a sweater set that each has pants and a shirt, but other than those, each of them is a separate item of clothing. This is fewer items than I made last year, especially since the back-to-the-world list includes the jeans that were almost complete when the year ended. But it also includes some more complicated items than I made last year, and that is going to take up more time. I’m still pretty confident that I can finish both of these by the end of the year.

Writing goals

I also want to get another novel to the query stage, which means finishing the edits on that. I started another novel during NaNoWriMo but was too tired to actually finish, so I want to finish drafting that and then edit at least most of it by the end of the year. I would also like to get a short story out to the world each quarter.

Fitness goals

Last year, I did my first 10K race, although it was a shadow race because the COVID-situation in Finland wasn’t exactly great at the time. I managed to walk the 10K in 2 hours 40 minutes. It wasn’t exactly a stellar time, but considering that the muscles in my entire lower body were so fucked up a year earlier that even walking 1K literally hurt, I was REALLY fucking pleased with my result. Last year, I made a lot of progress on my mobility and I want to do that 10K in a better time.

The other thing that I want to do is I want to deadlift my own weight by the end of the year. I LOVE deadlifting. I sit a lot for reasons and deadlifting seems to help both my butt and thighs counteract that. It makes me feel good in my muscles. And more importantly, it makes me feel strong and in general good about myself. Right now, my program has me lifting 40kg, so lifting my own weight might totally be doable by the summer. Certainly by the end of the year.

Day-job goals

I have a long-term goal of becoming a lead developer. So this year, I want to focus on skills that can help me get there. I want to learn how to give better feedback, at the very least. So my plan right now is to research what other skills I need and make a learning plan. I’m also planning on learning more about information security this coming year, and hopefully getting one of the certifications that are huge in the field. I also want to re-read the books Clean Code and Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin so that I can hopefully improve my own code. In general, I just want to be better at my job.

What are you planning for this coming year? Are you excited or ambivalent or even trepidatious?