I talked previously about just how excited I was to get started on all my goals this year. A month later, I feel like I’m falling behind. And this is your yearly reminder that up in the northern latitudes, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a big thing. Even though we are heading in a better direction, days are still pretty dark. I got a reminder of this earlier this week, courtesy of a friend, and let me tell you, it was a bit of a shock. I don’t know about the rest, but at least for me, I work so hard to hold on until Christmas that I forget that just because we’re heading toward the light doesn’t mean that we’ll immediately get there. And apparently, I needed that reminder.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a tendency to just keep loading my plate when I have the energy. The trouble with that is that once that juice runs out, I can’t keep up with all of the things that I decided I want to get done. Immediately, if not sooner. So here I am, sitting at the end of January, having done quite a lot of things this month, feeling like I’ve already fallen behind.

Things I’ve done in January:

  1. Finished jeans
  2. Made a long-sleeve t-shirt
  3. Made two Sirocco jumpsuits
  4. Put up 4 blog posts (plus this one, eventually)
  5. Put out 4 vlogs on my YouTube channel
  6. Learned some SEO to get more views both here on my blog and on the vlog
  7. Went through comments from my novel’s first readers
  8. Made decisions and did the fixes based on those comments
  9. Prepared for the next stage of edits
  10. Got comfortable deadlifting 40 kg. Next up heading to 50 kg
  11. worked a full-time dayjob
  12. Spent some good cuddle-time on the couch with my partner
  13. Washed the dog

So all in all, I managed to get quite a few things done this month. A lot of them are pretty big things as well. And when I stop to think about it, I’m actually pretty happy about everything that I’ve managed to do. It got harder toward the end of the month as SAD kicked in, but I still got so much done!

Productivity can be such a struggle sometimes. And when it is, it can be helpful to remind yourself of all the things you’ve done.