In last week’s post, I said that the past week had been rough. Last week started with my dog getting hurt, and my partner took him to the emergency vet in a snowstorm. My mom got cancer the day she was supposed to move. Then, on moving day, was snowed in, and couldn’t move. And then war broke out in Ukraine, which is closer to where I’m sitting than the northernmost city in Finland. I had two different sewing projects fail in a way that means I have to take them apart. I feel like I’m forgetting something else as well, but those are the main events. It was a rough week and one that I would heartily prefer not to repeat. 

Getting anything done has been a struggle, to say the least.

But I’m clawing my way back to normal activity little by little. My dog is finally out of the cone of shame. That means that we can finally sleep through the night without the sound of amplified plastic scraping against the wall or our bed. That is hopefully going to be a good thing. 

As you can probably imagine, I’ve been filled with the kind of nervous energy of being worried without being able to actually do anything about any of it. I’ve been using that energy to cut out a ton of sewing projects. I’m actively working on one project and I have already cut out three more. If I continue this pace, I may yet become overwhelmed. I already have a small problem with storing all of the projects waiting for their turn. But at least I know exactly what I’m going to be working on next.

I made a small pivot to the content of my YouTube channel just before last week. So far, it seems to be working, at least for me. We’ll see what the numbers say about how it’s working for my viewers. There’s only one video out fully under the new concept, and that’s not enough to say whether it works. 

I’m trying very hard to get back to editing my book. I have four more passes to go until I’m ready to call it done. At least I hope I’ll be ready to call it done by then. We’ll see. I’ve just started the beginning phases of the dialogue pass, and that’s always hardest for me. There’s a small hump where I’m not quite sure what I’m doing and especially so when I’m trying out something new. This book is the first one I’m editing according to the method of the Revision Season workshop I did last year. It’s a lot more work than my previous haphazard method of revision, but I’m confident that it’ll also result in a better book.

I’m trying to keep working but also to give myself space to feel the feels. That way, maybe, I’ll be able to make some sense of things without burning out.

That’s the goal anyway. How’ve you been lately? Are you drinking enough water? When did you last roll your shoulders?