The not-so-great times continue and that means that I have very little creative energy to go around. I haven’t been sleeping all that well, for pretty obvious reasons. Let’s just say that I’ve been on a horror kick lately as well. This means that, right on cue, my brain has found a new thing to be obsessed about; bag making.

It started innocently enough with a (I think) Korean maker’s channel which has an oddly soothing quality to it. They never speak, so their every video is just competence porn overlaid with some soothing music, interspersed with some sewing machine noises. I couldn’t tell you how I wound up on that channel, but I can tell you that it has been very difficult to stop watching.

After a while of watching this channel, I started thinking that I might actually be able to do this myself. Enter this bag’s tutorial:

I’ve been eyeing that particular bad with interest for a while but I’ve just never managed to get moving on it, largely because bag making seems like such a dark art. But now, thanks to the hours and hours of watching these videos, I somehow find myself with not only the pattern but also the materials to do exactly that. Now I just need to finish the other sewing projects that I have in the way of me getting to that. And once that’s done, I have many, many more plans for other bags. Because I absolutely needed another hobby.